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Category: GIS

06 Feb

Introduction to Network Analysis

GIS networks consist of interconnected lines (known as edges) and intersections (known as junctions) that represent routes upon which people, goods, etc. can travel.

The object traversing the network follows the edges, and junctions appear when at least two edges intersect.

Junctions and edges can have certain attributes affixed to them that increase the cost of traveling in the network, known as impedance. For example, a road network can have speed limits attached to the edges, and a junction can prevent left turns.

05 Jan
history of gis

History of GIS

Mapping has revolutionized how we think about location. Maps are important decision-making tools. They help us get to places. And they are becoming more immersed in our everyday lives.

10 Oct


In the GIS world, a 3 Dimensional object has an X, Y and Z coordinates. Z coordinate is used to draw height. 3 Dimensional map gives a better understanding of the object, in GIS 3 Dimensional map might be  TIN image, Digital Elevation Model or any GIS layer with elevation values. To plot these GIS layer with Z value or TIN image or DEM data you need a special kind of GIS software. So here are few 3 Dimensional free GIS software that will help you create and visualize your 3 Dimensional data.

22 Sep
Artificial Intelligence

Geospatial Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a buzzword that symbolizes the next stage of innovative technological transformations and how the industry in the future would be driven. Using intelligent algorithms, data classification and smart predictive analysis, AI has its utility in a large number of sectors.
A more specific subset of AI that combines the exactitude of GIS with the razor-sharp analysis and solution-based approach of AI is termed Geospatial AI, or simply Geo.AI.

15 Sep

Fighting electricity theft in Nigeria with GIS

The main consequence of electricity theft is widespread power outages. Also, electric utility companies across Nigeria struggle with illegal connections to the power grid that generate huge losses and are a hazard for locals. GIS Cloud a software development company from Croatia is joining the fight to help mitigate this problem.
The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company utilized their GIS solution to map the entire distribution network and enumerate customers, an important step in tackling the rampant electricity theft in Nigeria.

11 Sep
micro satellite

8 micro-satellites trumping Landsat, Sentinel at flood detection

Yes, when it comes to flood detection, CYGNSS is proving to be better than the mighty Landsat birds operated by USGS and NASA, or even the European Space Agency’s Sentinel 1 and 2 satellites. Unlike Landsat (which cannot see through clouds) or Sentinel (which draws a blank on hitting vegetation), the CYGNSS satellites can see through all things – clouds, rain and vegetation – that could obscure floodwaters.

26 Aug

FREE NASA’s new Remote Sensing Toolkit for Startups

There are dozens of websites that NASA uses to host its remote-sensing data and tools (more than 50, we kid you not!). So, for someone not too familiar with the geospatial industry, making sense of all this information or even figuring out which asset can be located where could be an overwhelming exercise. Not surprisingly, NASA has not been able to make startups or other small businesses tap into its full commercialization potential, even though these companies could benefit greatly from access to free and open remote-sensing data.